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User Settings

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Some User Settings can be modified within OpenEMR at Miscellaneous->Preferences by the user themselves (each setting from this interface is described below). In addition, there are user settings that can be set by an administrator at Administration->Users.


User Settings

Within OpenEMR, go to Miscellaneous->Preferences


Main Top Pane Screen

  • Choose top frame to default to the calendar or the patient add/search screen after user logs in.

Layout Style


  • Choose a color theme.

Patient List Page Size

  • (This setting was added in OpenEMR version 4.1.1)
  • Number of patients to list per screen when using the Patient List searching module at Patient/Client->Patient.

Patient List New Window

  • (This setting was added in OpenEMR version 4.1.1)


Units for Visit Forms

  • Choose display of US and/or metric measurement units (primarily used for vital signs and growth charts).

Date Display Format

  • Choose date display format.

Time Display Format

  • Choose whether to display in 12 hours or 24 hours time.


Appointment/Event Color

  • Choose whether to display appointments color by appointment category or by the facility where the appointment is.


Enable import status message for NewCrop erx