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The Reminders API

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Using the Reminders API

The Reminders API is a series of functions for handling simple messages attached to a 'due date'. These may be sent to onesself, or to other users in OpenEMR.

Including Reminders Functionality

The Reminders API is available in OpenEMR by including the following line in your code:


This loads up all of the functions for dealing with reminders.

Access Controls

The Reminders API requires no priviledge levels in OpenEMR. Anyone who can login can use the interface to message anyone else.

Functions Available


This function is used to get a count of the number of reminders due for a specified user.


  • $days_to_show: the number of days after today to search for a result.
    $today: today's date, EG: the output of strtotime(date('Y/m/d')).
    $userID: an optional user. defaults to the current logged in user.


returns a count of the reminders due.