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QA findings for CPOE

Final Rule: Enable a user to electronically record, store, retrieve,and modify, at a minimum, the following order types:
(1) Medications;
(2) Laboratory; and
(3) Radiology/imaging

Screens tested:
Procedures for Laboratory ordering
Prescription for Medications

Test Summary:

1. We are not sure whether the same procedures screen are used for 'Radiology/Imaging' Orders.

  • Yes

2. For medications, current prescription screen is upto the mark of NIST

3. For laboratory orders, We couldn't enter the additional information about the orders.

For example,

1. We can configure the order 'Complete blood count w/ differential CBC count' but we couldn't key in 'every other day 3 times' instruction to be followed for the order.

2. We can configure the order 'Triglycerides' but we couldn't key in 'routine' or 'once a week 3 times' kind of instructions.

Apart from this, we didn't came across any issues in modifying the order and retrieving it.

Note: The detailed test report will be uploaded once the final testing is completed.


1. How do enter radiology/imaging orders?

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