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[edit] [purge] 50px Template documentation


This template is used in Template:Languages.

This template generates a parameter name for Template:Languages/Interface to show the possible existence (this existence is not tested and may generate red links for missing target pages). Don't use this for "en". "en" case has a special naming rule, then it was separated to Template:LanguageExistingEn.

Input parameters

  • ns: (optional) leading namespace prefix such as Help: or Template: (default is empty)
  • 1st: (mandatory) language code
  • 2nd: (mandatory) Page name


  • {{{1}}}m, which puts the language name in the additional list (hidden by default), as if it was missing.


This template should be used instead of Template:LanguageExisting to avoid testing the existence of more than 50 languages. So it should be used only on minor languages.

For the 50 major languages, that will be displayed on the top list of translations only when they are available, otherwise within the second list (with red links), use the template: LanguageExisting instead, with the same parameters.