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[[File:Community_support.jpg|link=https://community.open-emr.org/]] [[File:Professional_support.jpg|link=Professional_Support]] [[File:How_to_guides.jpg|link=OpenEMR_5.0.1_Users_Guide]]

:A huge advantage of open source software is the ability to choose whom will provide you support, so you are NOT locked into one vendor when you choose OpenEMR.  Depending on your comfort level, the options for support include:
:#Doing it yourself
:#Hiring a third party(or employee(s)) to support you
:#Somewhere in between.
==Free Support==
:The mechanisms of free support by the community include the documentation found on this site (especially the wiki) and the forums found on this site. There are clinics that have gone this route successfully, however this does require IT knowledge to ensure security, reliability and backing up of OpenEMR.
==Professional Support==
:Under Construction
:[[OpenEMR Professional Support|Professional Support]]: The OpenEMR project has a large number of vendors and individuals who offer their services supporting, installing, hosting and customizing OpenEMR.

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