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Prescribing Module

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Proposal to clean up and add additional functionality

  1. Change interface/patient_file/summary/rx_frameset.php to only show one frame (remove interface/patient_file/summary/rx_left.php)
    • Will need to add a 'Add New' prescription to templates/prescription/general_list.html first.
  2. Migrate all stuff from templates/prescription/general_send.html to templates/prescription/general_list.html
    • Then can remove templates/prescription/general_send.html
  3. Now the templates/prescription/general_list.html will be the central Rx page, and can place all functionality such as relaying, refills, on this page; could do anything here using javascript, php etc..
  4. To add a new function to this templates/prescription/general_list.html page, recommend placing the function in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php and then calling it.
    • For example a function 'relay' would be labeled relay_action in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php, and called as so:
      • here)
    • If you follow this then you will ensure it won't break connections to other places in OpenEMR (ie. the drug dispensary module, mapping to drug dosages etc. stored in database, reports); because of all these inter-relationships, I've concluded that rebuilding from scratch is a bad idea.
  5. Could do same to add interactions, lookups, allergy checks in templates/prescription/general_edit.html


Main Functions


  • Contains all the vital functions
  • is called via /openemr/controller.php
  • Contains the class C_Prescription extends Controller
    • Included functions:
      • C_Prescription (constructor)
      • default_action
        • This calls the edit template screen at templates/prescription/general_edit.html
      • edit_action
        • This redirects to default_action
      • list_action
        • This calls the edit template screen at templates/prescription/general_list.html
      • block_action
      • lookup_action
        • This calls library/classes/RXList.class.php to look up drug online
      • edit_action_process
      • send_action
        • This saves a prescription and calls the templates/prescription/general_send.html template screen
      • multiprintfax_header
      • multiprint_header
      • multiprintcss_header
      • multiprintcss_preheader
      • multiprintfax_footer
      • multiprint_footer
      • multiprintcss_footer
      • multiprintcss_postfooter
      • get_prescription_body_text
      • multiprintfax_body
      • multiprint_body
      • multiprintfax_action
      • multiprint_action
      • multiprintcss_action
      • send_action_process
      • _print_prescription
      • _print_prescription_old
      • _email_prescription
      • do_lookup
      • _fax_prescription

Main Class


  • This is the container for each prescription
  • Contains the class Prescription extends ORDataObject
    • This container is what is passed around (ie. one for each prescription)
    • Important functions:
      • Prescription (constructor)
      • get_prescription_display
      • A whole bunch of others, check out the file

Smarty Templates


  • Main window that list prescription and allows printing of script(s) (right frame of Rx window)
    • Clicking on a prescription calls edit_action function in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php


  • This is where user types in data for a new prescription or edits an old prescription
    • Clicking 'drug lookup' calls lookup_action function in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php
    • Clicking 'save' calls send_action function in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php


  • This is what user see after clicking save in templates/prescription/general_edit.html
    • Options here to print, email, fax the single script



  • Sets up the Rx window
    • Left frame with interface/patient_file/summary/rx_left.php
    • Right frame with templates/prescription/general_list.html via call to list_action function in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php


  • Simple window with two links taking up left frame of Rx window
    • List Prescriptions
      • Calls list_action function in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php
    • Add Prescriptions
      • Calls edit_action function in controllers/C_Prescription.class.php


  • This is for online lookup of prescriptions


prescriptions table