Phone numbers input

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  • Patients/Clients phone numbers have a "free everything is possible" kind of phone-number registration. Numbers and other characters can be used and will be registered as input suggests.
  • User information AND other related general person information. To be found in Administration => Addr Book, with advice of how to make your input: (0)-000-000-0000, this means (Country number)-Area Code-Region-Phone. But free characters can be used and are stored as input suggests.
  • Practice information that registers in Administration => Practice that registers input for Pharmacies, Insurance companies, X12. This must be registered as a telephone number of 10 or 12 numbers but easiest is to use 000-000-0000, Area Code-Region-Phone registration type. This phone number will be verified and registered as (+1)-000-000-000 specially for X12 use it has to comply to certain rules.
  • The Country code can be changed in Global settings and should use only one number. Registration for Pharmacies and Insurance, X12 must be changed in file library/classes/phone-number.class.php since there is no connection to globals.php registration, in future releases this might be changed.