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Articles to convince users why open source emrs are better than proprietary emrs by:

1) defining open source software
2) describing why open source EMR's are better than proprietary EMR's
3) describing how to find a vendor/support
4) showing examples of OpenEMR working in practices.

Define open source software and describe why open source EMR's are better than proprietary EMR's.

This subject is discussed on the following pages/websites:
  • Specifically, the 'What is Open Source' and 'Why use an Open Source EMR' sections.
  • This will always be a work in progress. For any input, please post in any of the OpenEMR Forums.

Discuss how to choose vendor/support

  • This subject is discussed on the following wiki page(linked to 'Support' tab):
  • OpenEMR Support Guide (Work in progress with goal of simplifying what needs to be done when looking for a professional developer/vendor. Goal is to incorporate all the below concepts.)
  • Main issue is how do new users know which one to choose.
  • Asking for recommendations is another option. For example, emailing (or even posting on sourceforge to keep open) what a user is looking for, which is then followed by recommendations from the community.
  • Main issue is potential for bias and conflict of interest.
  • Also the issue of getting customized code into the official codebase
  • Discuss the merits of this, for example:
  • Then the new feature will continue to be supported into the future.
  • Then the new feature may be improved by others in the future.
  • New features in the future won't break the original feature.
  • Giving back to the community that provided you with free EMR software.
  • Discuss how this will effect the choice of a vendor.
  • Should seek a vendor whom has demonstrated ability to get new features into the codebase.

Show examples of clinics that successfully use OpenEMR