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There are currently three known options for e-prescribing in OpenEMR.

Newcrop, a subscription service, is well integrated into OpenEMR.

Allscripts is quite good and requires no fees.

Weno Exchange a subscription service,is well integrated for narcotic/ECPS.

Meaningful Use

The Newcrop solution can be deployed to achieve Meaningful Use. The alternative is to add both the Allscripts website and the Greasemonkey script. The Weno Exchange can possibly be used for Meaningful Use if these policies are enacted again in the future.


This section describes the integration of the Allscripts ePrescribe website with OpenEMR.


  • Clicking the green button, with the question mark in the middle of it, navigates to the Help Section. This button is located at the bottom. The Help Section will give instructions regarding account acquisition and website use.
  • It is not necessary to pay for Deluxe Allscripts to use the Greasemonkey script. Choose Free Allscripts instead.

Firefox and Greasemonkey


Integration Script

  • The last step is the installation of the script, found here.
  • Click "Install this script".

  • A Greasemonkey Installation dialog will appear. Click the "Install" button.

  • Check the Add-ons Manager of Firefox to ensure that Allscripts IntegrationMM had been installed.

Using the Script

  • Go to the Patient Summary screen and click the "Allscripts" button at the top, to the right of the patient's age. If viewing with split screens, the Allscripts logon will appear in one of the two screens. If a check mark had been placed in the box between the patient's age and the "Allscripts" button, clicking the button will cause the Allscripts logon to appear in another tab.

  • If the Untrusted Connection warning appears in a split screen and an exception cannot be added, open Allscripts in another tab.

  • Click "I Understand the Risks" and add an exception.

  • After logging on, the patient data will populate automatically if an account had been created previously. If a new account needs to be established, click the "Add Patient" button.


  • In the Add New Patient screen, click the "Load from OpenEMR" button to import the data and click "Save".


If both the split screen login and the "Load From OpenEMR" button are non-functional; the cause stems from the fact that the version of Firefox, when first installed, pre-dated version 31.0. Firefox underwent major changes with 31.0. Upgrading to the latest version will not permit the script to work properly, thus the following steps are necessary.

  • Uninstall Greasemonkey and the script.
  • Browser customizations should be preserved with Sync.
  • Uninstall Firefox and reinstall the latest version.
  • Reinstall Greasemonkey and the Allscripts IntegrationMM script.


The author of this clever and exceedingly useful script is Kevin Yeh, M.D., of IntegralEMR.

Modifications were contributed by Marcin Matuszkiewicz.


A partnership of ZH Healthcare and Medical Information Integration, LLC (mi-squared) called ZMG created the NewCrop interface for e-prescribing.

NewCrop eRx Demo


Breaking News

We have gotten very close to the launch of the new code.


Juggernaut Systems Express is providing an electronic prescribing solution within the OpenEMR native platform. The integration into the native interface gives the sending of prescriptions a clean workflow.

To sign up: This link will take you to our registration page [1] There you will need to pay the signup fee for each doctor separately. I know it sucks. If you would like to do a batch sign up email Sherwin @ We will need the email address of each physician that is signing up.

The cost is $195 registration fee for credentialing. The monthly cost will be $25/provider.

Step One

System setup from scratch

full screen

Import RxNorms and ICD10s in to OpenEMR

Step two

Full Screen

Create a prescription

Step three

Resolve validation issue

Step four

Transmitting prescription

Step five

Resolving missing data schema validation errors

Final Review of Set up

Resolving missing data schema validation errors

Activate Service

To activate the service:

  • Go Administration -> Globals -> Connectors

Go down to Enable JSeRx Service and place check in the box.

Screenshot of enable service


  • Set the patient pharmacy in the Choices section of the demographics.
  • Set the prescriptions to simplified because the information will be in the drug description.


Confirmation trouble.png

If after clicking the Transmit button, you do not receive a confirmation reply from Weno that looks like the image above.

That means there is missing data.

  • Make sure the patient demographics is complete with full address
  • Make sure that only the prescribing doctor is logged in and sending the prescription.

Support contact:

Developers & VARS

For those wishing to provide OpenEMR as a service to a group of physicians and want to go directly to Weno. Please contact "Kevin Pauley" []. He will get you a developer's guide.