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OpenEMR Version 3.2.0 Demo

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This demo has been shut-down. Please go here to view the most current OpenEMR Demos: Demos Section

Online Demo Instructions

This is a fully functional demo. Some simple configuration has been added for clearer demonstration of OpenEMR, medical billing, accounting, and access controls. Don't worry about breaking it, because this demo resets itself to original state daily at 5:00 AM Pacific US time. Have fun.

Online Demo Login/Password Information

Multiple OpenEMR users are set up to demonstrate access controls. Login information for each user is listed in below table:
Username Password Description
admin pass Administrator
physician physician Physician(more access than clinician)
clinician clinician Clinician(less access than physician)
accountant accountant Accountant
receptionist receptionist Front desk receptionist

Online Demo Link

(resets daily at 5:00 AM Pacific US time)

demo maintainer:
Brady Miller