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Below is for older versions of OpenEMR. As of OpenEMR v6, the left sided menu nick-named frames is no longer supported. Here's the link to the discussion regarding that community decision,

OpenEMR now has four visual layouts to choose from; traditional, frames with radio buttons, frames with tree view selection and frames with sliding menu (screenshots of each of these are shown below). The layout is chosen within OpenEMR at Administration->Globals->Appearance->Layout Style. support for the new frame layout.

Below screenshot is the Navigation menu with sliding menu (current default view).

OpenEMR-Calendar 4 1.jpg

Below screenshot is the Navigation menu with tree view.


Below screenshot is the Navigation menu with radio buttons view.


Below screenshot is the Old-style layout (also called traditional view). We recommend avoiding this layout, since many of the contributing developers are no longer supporting this layout.