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:Bank account and paypal account
:Bank account and paypal account
:Set up as org for the Open Collective account
:Set up as org for the Open Collective account
:Website (within the openemr website)
:Donation links to paypal - DONE
:Donation links to paypal - DONE

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Mission Statement




Articles of Incorporation


Conflict of Interest Policy


Board of Directors

Jit Chawla
Asher Densmore-Lynn
Robert Down
Daniel Ehrlich
Brady Miller
Roberto Vasquez
Matthew Vita
Stephen Waite

Officers of the Board of Directors

Chair - empty
Vice-chair - empty
Executive Director - Brady Miller
Secretary - empty
Treasurer - Stephen Waite


Chief Operating Officer - Robert Down


July 10, 2019

Next planned meeting.

June 12, 2019



Complete above sections (Mission Statement, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Conflict of Interest Policy)
Origin documents an links (Delaware non profit link etc.)
Link to proof of 501c3
Need copy of first meeting minutes (meeting that brought in bylaws etc.)
Figure out recurrent tasks needed (990 yearly, delaware yearly filing, etc)
Bank account and paypal account
Set up as org for the Open Collective account
Website (within the openemr website)
Donation links to paypal - DONE