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Ongoing 5.0.2 Patch Trail

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(PATCH 1 for 5.0.2 - __ files)

Command to list files changed in full patch:
git diff --name-only v5_0_2..rel-502

Command to list files new files changes in patch:
git diff --name-only v5_0_2..v5_0_2_1

Script to make patch:

Next patch:

READY TO GO (for patch 1)

NEED TO TAKE OVER TO PATCH(look at commits to get list of files):
7a8df4116a8e9e2a9b3f990e3f1f037ac2d07233 (X12_5010_837P.php fix - reported and fixed by Derrik Milligan)
f3041c02a838d177ef51010a635a2a1452d408d4 (eye form fix - reported and fixed by Ray Magauran)
12f6e0f6a47a46a9e7b74e637d2fe166d05d7513 (cookie/session fix and a path fix - reported by Jerry Padgett, fixed by Brady Miller)
9ca27eeb628fdab36e67c7701cb446129ab81058 (cookie/session clarification - fixed by Brady Miller)
d5ea80b166012f4b6eabc383d5f9a96db17f7cfe (several updates by Jerry Padgett)
38b2e50add0bf3df7ab946f71bb5ce57dfd3456b (billing fixes by Jerry Padgett)
aa72492cebe7d591ca73a708adfaa0c1a04b7311 (mariadb critical fix for install/upgrade - reported by Robert Down, fixed by Brady Miller)
9aa64457e6c4f58cb2cbc48d12a50673a59493e0 (user edit fix - reported and fixed by Sherwin Gaddis)
0d906cee59857301b50a77f616e33c69ecd511b2 (eye form fix 2 - reported and fixed by Ray Magauran)
a4691627bf10f3a09b5cefe31fad9a2528de39e3 (batch payment fixes - reported by Stephen Waite, fixed by zbig01)
054e6ef21c1ea8fe2d2551ab2bfb9d649a5f04cc (travis fix for above commit)

Always make this script blank:
Always take over to patch:
sql_patch.php (and recommend removal of this file after install the patch)