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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the OpenEMR system. The OpenEMR community is very open and we welcome contributions of code and ideas.

Here is some basic information for new developers to get up and running quickly:

  • Contributed code should be released under the General GNU Public Licence (GNU GPL 3)
  • To get started, feel free to introduce yourself at the developer forum or email the administrators, Rod Roark (rod at sunsetsystems dot com), Brady Miller (, Robert Down (, Jerry Padgett (, or Stephen Waite (
  • Here is an overview of the OpenEMR system architecture.
  • Here is an overview of the OpenEMR coding policies aka Coding Standards.
  • Here is an overview of How to Document Your Code Properly
  • The easiest way to get started on development is to follow this tutorial (shows how to get most recent code, build your own git repository on github, and submit code for review).
  • You can join an active project listed on the Active Projects page.
  • The project offers mentored projects that can be found at Developer Starter Projects.
  • Code patches for review can be submitted via two methods:
  • The easiest method is via github, and is described HERE. (we prefer this method)
  • Please derive patches/code from the most current OpenEMR development version from either of below repositories:

Again, feel free to email the administrators (listed above) with any questions or concerns.