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MySQL/MariaDB SSL Support Howto

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For mysql/mariadb ssl support (Do not perform below steps until after OpenEMR has been installed; this has not been tested to work with OpenEMR installation.), follow the below instructions in the directory :

  1. To support mysql ssl encryption, include the `mysql-ca` here (this is the CA certificate in pem form and is mandatory for mysql ssl).
  2. Can also support client based certificate if also include mysql-cert and mysql-key (these are client certificate and client key in pem form and these are optional for mysql ssl)
  3. For debugging purposes, if set `$GLOBALS['debug_ssl_mysql_connection']` to `true` at top of interface/globals.php, then will send messages to php log to show if mysql connections have a cipher set up.
  4. To properly create the keys and certificates, see documentation here:
  5. When creating the keys and certificates, vital to enter in correct information for the `Common Name` of each entity:
  • `Common Name` of CA certificate: This can be anything, but needs to be different than what is used for Server and Client
  • `Common Name` of Server certificate: This has to be the host name(or ip address) that the client uses to log into the mysql server.
  • `Common Name` of Client certificate: Set this to the host name of the client.