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OpenEMR is the creation of a hodgepodge of both paid and volunteer developers.

For Professional Developers, go to:
OpenEMR Professional Support

Volunteers have been working on OpenEMR for a number of reasons. Some work on it as a hobby, others as a student project for school, others as a way to gain experience with PHP programming, and others as a gateway for future employment as a programmer/freelancer. Regardless of the reason, OpenEMR users are enabled to provide even better healthcare!

The following is a listing of programmers working on OpenEMR that are not necessarily working for a company in the OpenEMR Support page. Note this list only includes several of the volunteers; there are numerous other and please feel free to add yourself to this list.

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Arnab Naha

Arnab is a physician and enjoys working with technology and software development and testing.

He has been a part of the OpenEMR community since 2010 and uses OpenEMR in his practice. He frequently tests OpenEMR and enjoys working on developing and maintaining OpenEMR forms.

Brady Miller

Brady is a physician specializing in Hematology-Oncology.

He started volunteering for OpenEMR while in his internal medicine residency in 2006 and has never stopped. He is the one of the core organizers of OpenEMR and works on all aspects of the OpenEMR project including code development, project administration, and marketing.

  • OpenEMR Project Co-Administrator
  • OEMR Board Executive Director
  • Github Profile

David Eschelbacher

David Eschelbacher is currently practicing medicine as a physician in Tampa, Florida, specializing in Internal Medicine, with a focus on providing home visits to homebound patients.

He has worked on implementing OpenEMR in his practice and has worked on programming a few features for OpenEMR to meet his needs and in turn hopefully other physicians' needs.

Jan Jajalla

Jan is a developer for one of the largest banks in the United States. He enjoys programming and volunteering. He is very interested about the healthcare industry and hopes to learn more about the industry through his involvement with OpenEMR.

He has done extensive development in OpenEMR Meaningful Use 2 items and the Clinical Decision Rules engine.

Matthew Vita

Matthew Vita is a software engineer in the healthcare field. His goal is to contribute his software skills to healthcare projects and organizations to make a positive impact.

He is involved in various OpenEMR projects and is especially focused on codebase modernization.

Robert Down

Robert is currently studying in the Department of Nursing at Adventist University of Health Sciences in Orlando, Florida with intentions of graduate study in healthcare informatics and doctoral work in either public health or health policy. He is passionate about Big Data and the implications it has to improve health outcomes at the population level. He has completed internships at Southeastern Louisiana University as a web developer focusing on multi-system integration and the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute as a researcher focusing on diabetic cardiomyopathy. He was a recipient of the 2016 Newman's Civic Fellowship.

He is involved in many aspects of OpenEMR, especially involved in modernization of the project website, projects tools, and software package.

Roberto Vasquez

Roberto Vasquez is currently working as a programmer for the Los Angeles County School District. Roberto performs system analysis, programming, and development on complex enterprise- wide technology project. He will be retiring soon and is looking for something to keep him busy post-retirement.

He is interested in OpenEMR and hopes that it might give him something to do during retirement and possibly lead to future work opportunities.

Scott Wakefield

Scott works in the health care field.

He is involved in many aspects of OpenEMR, especially involving modernization of the project tools and software package.

  • OpenEMR Project Integration Developer
  • OEMR Board Director
  • Github Profile