Configuring and testing Emergency access

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1. Create an user of acl other than administrator user.
2. Login as newly created user.
3. Notice the actions that can be performed by that user. The user is not allowed to do all the tasks like creating an encounter for the patients (if front office user, accounting user),all administrative tasks (physicians/clinicians).
4. Login as administrator user.
5. Go to administration -> Users -> select the user you have used before -> Assign acl 'Emergency login'.
6. Logout from the OpenEMR.
7. Login as the user to whom emergency login acl is assigned.
8. You can notice, now the user can perform all the actions like administrative tasks, creating / editing encounters of any patient, etc

Note: If an user is set to emergency login acl, the user is deactivated by the administrator. If there is any emergency situation, administrator user will activate the emergency login for that user.