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=====[OpenEMR Path]/library/patient.inc=====
=====[OpenEMR Path]/library/patient.inc=====
::Functions to search and modify the table \"patient_data\".
::Functions to search and modify the table "patient_data".

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Important Includes

[OpenEMR Path]/interface/globals.php
Establishes global functions & variables.
[OpenEMR Path]/library/globals.inc.php
Establishes global functions & variables. If you include globals.php, this will be included as part of that.

[OpenEMR Path]/library/acl.inc
Access control system. Manages which users can control/see which features.

[OpenEMR Path]/library/patient.inc
Functions to search and modify the table "patient_data".


  • $srcdir - [OpenEMR Path]/library

Important Functions

  • function xl(<text>)
Translates text to the language specified in global preferences. Use this for all text that will be displayed.
Declared in: /library/translation.inc.php
Included if you include: /library/globals.php

General How To

Code Analysis - Specific Features