CQM - record prelim config (MU3)

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Preliminary OpenEMR configuration

  • Externally data load the cqm valueset to use for the coding.
  • You may also have to install some LOINC and/or CPT codes so please follow the licensing requirements for this and the previously mentioned valueset.
    • Admin->Coding->Codes
  • You also have to make sure that you have a lab service created in the address book with Admin->Address Book.
    • Use Procedures->Providers to add a lab which allows for creation of the procedure order.
  • Finally, make sure that your encounter codes are added to the Encounter Type list.
    • Admin->Forms->Lists->Encounter Types then use the find code popup in the Code(s) column and remember to click the Save button in the lower left corner.

Create/Find/Edit Person


  • Check what the denominator for the measure is looking for and make sure your person fits the age and sex.


  • Also check for Race and Ethnicity

Payer/CQM Source of Payment

  • Finally set up an insurance company and chose a CQM Source of Payment for that company and add it to the person's chart. Also make sure to save the effective date of the insurance.

Find/Create encounter

  • Use the past encounters or create a new encounter

Encounter Performed

  • Under Visit Details select the appropriate dropdown from Type that corresponds to the code in the measure.

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