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ADOdb Database Abstraction Library for PHP

OpenEMR 4.3.1 and above

Migrated to use composer. Basically ended up migrating from library/adodb to vendor/adodb/adodb-php and adjusted codebase to use the new path. Note kept using the same 5.20.2 version.

OpenEMR 4.2.2 and above

  • Upgraded to version 5.20.2 on 1/25/2016; OpenEMR version 4.2.2; (upgrade by Practice Provider Corporation).
  • This was necessary for PHP-7 compatibility.
  • Also centralized the adodb library (ie. removed the libraries in phpnuke and phpgacl modules).

OpenEMR 4.2.1 and below

  • Upgraded version in core OpenEMR to version 5.14 on 12/16/2011; OpenEMR version 4.1.1; (upgrade by yehster).