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Notes from 4-11 Meeting

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  • ZHH Latest updates
    • Lab results are incorporated
    • CCR passes format tests
    John and Tony have other minor updates for the record, including making sure the "sources" are legit
    Sources are not tested by NIST, but the CCR format must have something there to pass validation, this is dependent on the type of record most records can use the default facility
  • Things related to Data Exchange
    Download of CCR, this feature request is documented and will meet many if not all of the criteria (ZHH)
  • E-Rx - Phyaura Status
   I wanted to inform you that we have contracted another resource and are
   getting them up to speed on the e-scripts work and ADT feeds to and from
   OpenEMR.  We are committed to getting it done for our clients and the
   OpenEMR community as soon as the coders can code, test and submit it.
  • Tony to ask Brady for a time line to completion of CQM/AMC
  • Immunization Registries
  • Ensoftek - Ram will be working on this