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OpenEMR and EHR Support

As an ardent promoter of Open Source Technologies and the Vice-Chair of OpenEMR Board, ViSolve has gone a long way in contributing and supporting OpenEMR and continues to make significant technical contributions to OpenEMR especially in the following areas:

1. OpenEMR Meaningful Use Certification
2. OpenEMR Customization
3. OpenEMR Hosting & Support in Cloud
4. Interoperability

1. OpenEMR Meaningful Use Certification:

ViSolve has enhanced/customized and demonstrated the following features to an ONC authorized Testing and Certification body and helped OpenEMR achieve Meaningful Use Stage II Certification:

  • a1. Computerized provider order entry
  • a3. Demographics
  • a5.Problem list
  • a8.Clinical Decision support
  • a12.Image results
  • a14. Patient list creation
  • d2. Auditable events and tamper-resistance.
  • d3. Audit report(s)
  • d8. Integrity
  • c1. Clinical quality measures - capture and export
  • c2. Clinical quality measures - import and calculate
  • c3. Clinical quality measures - electronic submission
  • g2. Automated measure calculation
  • g3. Safety-enhanced design

ViSolve is also actively involved in roadmap planning to help OpenEMR in the journey of Meaningful Use Stage III Certification.

2. OpenEMR Customization:

No one size fits all and ViSolve has helped several healthcare organizations achieve a user friendly EMR that best fits the specialty workflow requirements through extensive customization. This has enabled healthcare organizations with several benefits including:

  • Reduced patient wait times
  • Reduced medical errors and duplication of patient data
  • Improved productivity of medical staff
  • Improved business outcomes

3. OpenEMR Hosting & Support

ViSolve has decades of experience working with enterprise customers providing a range of Systems [Enterprise IT] Services. Leveraging on this expertise, ViSolve provides services including Hosting and Support of OpenEMR in Cloud (AWS). Other services include: Migration, High Availablity & Disaster Recovery, Performance /Scalability and Security. ViSolve also provides remote desktop 7x24 support services across time-zones while driving operational efficiency and improved business outcomes for customers. Multilevel support modes include Phone, Email, Skype, Online Ticketing, Online chat etc.

4. Interoperability

ViSolve helps healthcare organizations integrate disparate healthcare systems using customized interoperability solutions [HL7/DICOM Integration including other formats]. Interoperability benefits include improved care co-ordination and seamless data exchange between disparate systems within and across organizations.

ViSolve also provides customized lab interoperability solutions to enable lab ordering and exchange results in public and private HIEs (Health Information Exchanges).

Enabling Interoperability between AMC (Academic Medical Center) and affiliated Teaching Hospital

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: +1(408) 850-2243
Office Address: ViSolve, Inc. 6559 Springpath Lane, San Jose, CA 95120, USA.

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