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OpenEMR's application for GSOC 2018 was not accepted. OpenEMR plans to apply for GSOC 2019.

Ideas List for Google Summer of Code - 2018

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Integration
  • Description: FHIR is a standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. Goal is to integrate a FHIR server and client with OpenEMR to allow importing and exporting of patient data.
  • Mentors: Jerry Padgett, Brady Miller
  • Tags: New Feature

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) Server Integration
  • Description: PACS is a system that allows storing and viewing of patient imaging, such as Xrays, CT scans, and ultrasounds. Goal is it integrate a PACS server with OpenEMR to allow the viewing and storage of patient imaging.
  • Mentors: Matthew Vita, Asher Densmore-Lynn
  • Tags: New Feature

cTakes Integration
  • Description: Apache cTAKES is a natural language processing system for extraction of information from electronic medical record clinical free-text. Goal is to integrate cTAKES with OpenEMR to allow extraction of information(such as diagnosis code, billing codes, and other standard coding) from unstructured clinical notes.
  • Mentors: Asher Densmore-Lynn, Matthew Vita
  • Tags: New Feature

Quality Reporting
  • Description: Quality reporting and collection of clinical metrics are a valuable tool for clinics. It allows self-assessment, quality improvement projects, and reporting of metrics to regulation entities. Goal is to integrate quality reporting into OpenEMR. Note this project will involve both choosing of which clinical metrics to assess and then developing these in OpenEMR.
  • Mentors: Ray Magauran, Stephen Waite
  • Tags: New Feature

Standardized Patient Data
  • Description: Goal is to develop a mechanism to create large datasets of standardized patient data. This is a high impact project that would then markedly improve instructional use of OpenEMR and markedly improve OpenEMR's use in the data analytics field.
  • Mentors: Robert Down, Jason Oettinger
  • Tags: New Feature

User Interface and Bootstrap Standardize
  • Description: The OpenEMR project began to improve the application user interface several months ago by implementing bootstrap. The goal of this project is to extend this user interface improvement throughout the entire codebase.
  • Mentors: Sherwin Gaddis, Jerry Padgett
  • Tags: Modernization

Standardize Jquery and Modernize Other Javascript Assets
  • Description: There are currently many different version of jquery in addition to other legacy javascript assets. Goal is to standardize all of the codebase to use the same modern version of these javascript assets.
  • Mentors: Brady Miller, Jerry Padgett
  • Tags: Modernization

Upgrade Codebase to Use Services
  • Description: Since OpenEMR began in 2002, there are parts of the codebase that are crying out for modernization. The goal of this project is to lead a modernization effort that focuses on modern use of classes and services.
  • Mentors: Robert Down, Matthew Vita
  • Tags: Modernization

Upgrade Smarty2 to Smarty3
  • Description: A minor, albeit critical part of the codebase uses Smarty. The goal of this project is to migrate this code from using Smarty version 2 to Smarty version 3. This is critical for "future proofing" of OpenEMR's codebase since Smarty version 2 will be deprecated in the future.
  • Mentors: Brady Miller, Roberto Vasquez
  • Tags: Modernization

Standardize PDF Tools
  • Description: OpenEMR currently uses several different PDF tools and libraries, which complicates code development. Goal is to standardize all PDF output from a common PDF library.
  • Mentors: Roberto Vasquez, Brady Miller
  • Tags: Optimization

Support MAR (Medication Administration Record)
  • Description: A MAR (Medication Administration Record) is a record of all medications that are given to a patient while they are in a hospital or nursing home facility. OpenEMR currently supports a medication list and writing prescriptions, however, OpenEMR does not support a MAR. Goal is to implement a MAR in OpenEMR.
  • Mentors: Stephen Waite, Robert Down
  • Tags: New Feature

Integrate Telehealth
  • Description: Telehealth is increasingly being used in healthcare and while OpenEMR does support a patient portal and communication with physicians via secure messaging or chat, OpenEMR does not yet support Telehealth. The goal is to support telehealth in OpenEMR.
  • Mentors: Jason Oettinger, Sherwin Gaddis
  • Tags: New Feature

Custom proposal
  • Description: The community is also very open to custom proposals. Check out the OpenEMR Project Roadmap for some more ideas, and highly recommend discussing your ideas on the OpenEMR forum or chat and/or contacting a mentor directly.


Andre Millet
Asher Densmore-Lynn
Brady Miller
Jason Oettinger
Jerry Padgett
Matthew Vita
Ray Magauran
Roberto Vasquez
Robert Down
Sherwin Gaddis
Stephen Waite

Organization Administrators

Brady Miller
Matthew Vita
Robert Down
Rod Roark
Stephen Waite