OpenEMR is proud to announce seamless support for Telehealth

OpenEMR is proud to announce seamless support for Telehealth.

“OpenEMR is the electronic health record of choice for more than 100,000 medical providers globally, through which over 100 million patients receive care,” said Joshua Fischburg, CEO of Lifemesh Corp. “With our seamless Telehealth integration, Lifemesh and OpenEMR can now provide improved access to care for patients everywhere, in a matter of minutes.” Joshua continued, “We are thrilled to partner with OpenEMR and support the global intensification of Digital Health adoption.”

“We leveraged modern module tools in OpenEMR to deliver a telehealth product that is intuitive to use for both the provider and patient while also being very easy to install and maintain,“ said Sherwin Gaddis, the lead OpenEMR Developer.

“It is very exciting to have an affordable open source Telehealth offering that is fully integrated with OpenEMR and easy to use,” said Brady Miller, an OpenEMR Project Administrator.

Instructions for installation and use of the telehealth module can be found at

About OpenEMR

OpenEMR is an electronic health record (EHR) system that was originally developed in 2002 by physicians to help them run their practices. As an open-source project, it is maintained and supported by a vibrant community of volunteers and professionals that includes several hundred contributors and is supported by more than 40 companies. OpenEMR is recognized as the most popular open-source electronic health records and medical practice management solution in the world. OpenEMR is downloaded more than 3,000 times per month, and it is estimated that it is used by more than 100,000 medical providers serving more than 200 million patients. OpenEMR has been translated into 34 languages and is used by facilities in more than 100 countries across the globe. Open-source software has changed the world for the better, and OpenEMR is a leader in open-source healthcare software. Costly proprietary EMRs are no longer the only option. For more information please visit

About Lifemesh

Founded in 2019, Lifemesh Corp is an award-winning Digital Health & Patient Experience corporation. The company offers products and services designed to realize the next generation of care through digital and AI solutions that support preventive, predictive, and proactive care. Solutions include Lifemesh Engage, an AI-based cross-channel patient engagement solution, Clinic-as-a-Service, a fully managed and hosted clinical practice platform, and Lifemesh Analytics, a rich set of advanced analytics that delivers proactive and predictive actionable insights. For more information please visit