Comlink is proud to announce their new Telehealth Module for OpenEMR

Post date  April 25, 2023
Author  OpenEMR

Comlink announces the release of their upgraded Telehealth module for OpenEMR 7.0.1.

Comlink proudly announces the release of their newly upgraded Telehealth module for OpenEMR 7.0.1. Included in the latest OpenEMR release is a fully integrated Telemedicine solution loaded with well-designed features that make it easy to use and very flexible for both providers and patients.

Comlink has been a leader for over 20 years in providing expertise networked application platforms which they have drawn on to create this Telemedicine offering. Building on their reputation for secure, scalable enterprise solutions, they now contribute to Free and Open Source Healthcare by providing this remarkable module to the OpenEMR community.

“Built on Comlink’s powerful second generation CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Solution). Telemedicine relies on great medical professionals and patients being able to connect seamlessly over video… [I]t’s not just for developed countries like the USA, our solution expands to places where Telemedicine is most needed like India, Europe, Africa, Canada and rest of the world.” 1 This target population was a natural fit for the OpenEMR community when it was released for OpenEMR 7, and now has been given feature upgrades for v 7.0.1.

The ONC report, ‘Use of Telemedicine among Office-Based Physicians, 2021’2 has dramatically increased since 2019. This new module brings the benefits of Telehealth to the masses of healthcare providers who use OpenEMR to deliver healthcare to those many patients who would otherwise not have access. Telehealth can enhance patient engagement, and offers non-clinical benefits such as helping a practice fulfill some of their MIPS reporting requirements.

OpenEMR’s fully integrated Telehealth solution provides the perfect opportunity for small practices to adopt a game- changing technology. Self employed physicians who make up the majority of the OpenEMR community can now benefit, as larger practices have, by use of this Telemedicine technology.

This upgraded module provides winning functionalities not limited to its OpenEMR integration. It also allows flexible launch options, gives the ability to minimize the session screen, offers screen sharing, third party invitations and support for multiple types of devices.

Notable features:

  • Very affordable price: the current fee is $16/mo for unlimited Telehealth sessions with a free 14 day free trial. Contact vendor Sherwin Gaddis ( ) for details
  • Providers may invite a 3rd party participant to join the session in progress
  • Screen sharing for both patient and provider
  • Complete OpenEMR integration: just navigate to the Modules screen (Main menu: Modules/ Manage Modules) and register like any other module
  • Easy Telehealth credential acquisition, then configure the OpenEMR Globals Telehealth tab
  • Minimize the Telehealth screen: the provider can shrink the session screen to reveal the session’s encounter form underneath, where documentation and editing may be performed while the session is running
  • Multiple invitation options: providers send email confirmation of the Telehealth appointment from the OpenEMR calendar, and can email invites to the patient. Patients can access the launch link through their portal appointment list or an emailed invite
  • Session login flexibility: includes password-less logins to the Telehealth session for the patient; they simply click on the button in the emailed invite
  • Multiple device support: supported on desk- or laptops, Apple or Android tablets or mobile phones
  • Intuitive Telehealth session controls are very recognizable and make it easy for patients to feel comfortable participating in the session
  • Comlink’s bulletproof networking capabilities handle session traffic so it does not depend on unreliable local telephone systems or third party communications companies
  • Enroll your entire staff, or enroll those providers who specifically do Telehealth

How to get it:

The module comes bundled inside of OpenEMR, accessible directly from your modules page. You can signup for a free 14 day trial through the module configuration. For support, pricing, and feature inquires you can contact

Sherwin Gaddis, Juggernaut Systems Express

Comlink’s new updated Telehealth module for OpenEMR 7.0.1 is sure to revolutionize healthcare delivery for many practices in the US and around the world. And Free/ OpenSource healthcare software just got another boost into the same league that the large commercial EMRs inhabit. But the biggest winners from this new module are the many healthcare consumers that are now within reach of care.

And this late breaking news from Comlink: “Watch for a future announcement soon as Comlink will be releasing a patient portal app on the Apple and Google Store. Patients will be able to use the patient portal app to login to a clinic branded portal.”

Telehealth module documentation pages in the OpenEMR wiki:

Under construction at this moment but coming within the week:

The Telehealth module’s github page