OpenEMR Cloud Standard Edition Now Available in AWS Marketplace

OpenEMR Cloud Standard is the first EHR in the Amazon Marketplace directly aimed at domestic US providers.

OpenEMR, the most popular open-source electronic health record (EHR) and medical practice management solution, has launched OpenEMR Cloud Standard Edition in AWS Marketplace.

OpenEMR Cloud Standard is the first EHR in the Amazon Marketplace directly aimed at domestic US providers,” said Asher Densmore-Lynn, an OpenEMR architect. “We’ve leaned on Amazon’s orchestration services and our own state-of-the-art deployment practices to provide robust, direct answers to HIPAA’s challenges.”

OpenEMR Cloud Standard is the HIPAA-eligible, Marketplace edition of the OpenEMR Cloud product line. AWS Marketplace is an online store that helps physicians discover and immediately start using the software and services they need to run their practices. AWS serves as a HIPAA Business Associate for HIPAA-covered entities deploying OpenEMR Standard Edition.

With no software licensing fees, OpenEMR is the high-value solution in the HIPAA-eligible electronic health records and practice management software category. Now, with Standard edition, OpenEMR is easy to provision and practices can get up and running in just a few clicks. OpenEMR Cloud Standard Edition is also inexpensive to operate, starting at around $70 per month with no-per provider charges.

“I believe that OpenEMR Cloud Standard Edition is a great asset to the OpenEMR community because it enables users to deploy an easy-to-configure, HIPAA-eligible, cloud-based platform,” said Sherwin Gaddis, President of Virginia-based JSE, a certified professional support provider of OpenEMR solutions for ambulatory healthcare providers.

OpenEMR Cloud Standard is cost-effective and a strong contender in a consolidating EMR market. For these reasons, JSE plans to recommend OpenEMR Standard to all its clients,” Sherwin added.